I’ve come to the realization that Stevie Nicks jus…

I’ve come to the realization that Stevie Nicks just plain sucks. I have a very high appreciation and respect for the ’70s gold sounds of Fleetwood Mac – authors of so many great pop songs, and I always lumped Nicks in there with them. Thinking about it in golf terms, though, she got a total mulligan in all facets of the game. In the 1970s, she got by on a distinctive (note I didn’t say “good”) voice and the fact that she was all spinning, scarfy, witchy and mysterious, not to mention good looking. All of her strongest songs featured Lindsay Buckingham singing at equal volume with her: “The Chain,” “Never Going Back Again” and “Second Hand News,” among others. Now think about the ones she sings on her own: “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” “Gypsy,” and one of her worst ever, “Dreams.” Dreams is the utterly painful one where you can’t figure out one single phrase she’s singing other than “thunder only happens when it’s raining.”

See what I mean here? She sucks and I cannot even understand half her lyrics because when she sings it sounds like she’s had 47 vodkas. It sounds so slurred. Her solo career only adds fuel to my argument. “Edge of Seventeen” might be one of the single worst songs ever made – “Just like the wide winged dove?” Come on. Give me a break. However, look at her collaborations: singing with Tom Petty on “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” – now that was a good song; I never made a final decision on “Leather and Lace,” the one Nicks sang with Don Henley, but I don’t think it’s as horrendous as Rhiannon or anything. There is one song, however, where Nicks shines, and that song is “Silver Springs.” For some reason, she pulls this one off without reminding me of sitting in the passenger seat in the 1970s in the musty smell of my family’s old Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang, dried out, cracked dashboards and all. The smell was a combination of the intense humidity of the northeast and stale cigarette smoke. My parents were big smokers, a habit they’ve long since abandoned, thankfully. By the way, what was up with those vinyl seats in the ’70s? The heat and humidity back then caused the vinyl seats to loosly resemble the feeling like you were sitting on the sun.

Anyway, I acknowledge that it’s a unique theory – a person who sucks singing solo in a song, but sounds mostly great in duets. I suppose it’s better than Linda McCartney, right?

Warren Zevon – “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” (how weird is that???)


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  1. It’s pretty obvious that se can’t sing. Her voice is annoying and sounds strained. Her vibrato almost sounds forced. Regardless her writing is mediocre and not to the level of the great poets. A very overrated singer no doubt!

  2. I’ve never understood how people can listen to this woman. Seriously, how can people say she has a good voice? Ill admit it wasn’t bad in the 70s, but after time it got to be really annoying. I will say this that her performance of landslide and silver springs in the dance tour where amazing. I was shocked when I heard them. However, since then, her voice has become so strained its unbearable to her her sing. Trouble in Shangri la was awful, in your dreams mediocre, and 24 karat gold is a fucking disappointment.

  3. You guys are crazy. She’s amazing and one of the best singers ever!

    Songs like “Landslide”, “Dreams”, “Sara”, “Sisters of the Moon”, “Fireflies”, “Gypsy”, “Seven Wonders”, “Rhiannon”, “The Chain”, “Say You Will”, “Rooms On Fire”, “I Can’t Wait”, “Edge of Seventeen”, “Blue Denim”, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”, “Leather and Lace”, “Wild Heart”, “Without You”, “Frozen Love”, “Silver Springs” and SO MUCH MORE!

    She is not a disappointment. She is a legend. Get your head out of your assess and stop being jealous of her

  4. Fleetwood Mac is one of the best-selling bands of all time, and has the 8th best selling album of all time, Rumours, which Stevie Nicks sang about half the songs on that album. Their song, which hit #1 on the charts was “Dreams” which was Stevie sang. Yeah, she is 66 now and doesn’t sound like she did when she was 30, but she still is a great singer and has a great talent for writing songs. If Stevie doesn’t have a great voice, I would like to know who does.

    It is my opinion that she has a great voice, and I’m sure your opinions are probably different. Some people find unique voices like hers good, while some find it despicable. Stevie adds an essence to Fleetwood Mac that it didn’t have with Peter Green, some like this essence, some don’t. I am a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and so are hundreds of thousands of other people. Just because you don’t like the sound of a band doesn’t mean you have to go and hate on the band.

  5. Are you kidding me? She has great talent, there’s no one else quite like her. Yeah she has gotten older and has lost some power in her voice, she still gets out there and does her thing. How could you say “Edge of Seventeen” and “Dreams” were shitty when they have been so successful. In the end, she was a great musician then and is still a great musician to the day. I give her tremendous credit for going through her struggles, and still finding herself at the feet of her music. God knows if that was me you most definitely wouldn’t find me on a stage still singing at age 66 after all that shit.

  6. Thank you for stating what for many of us was obvious by the late 1980’s. Whatever ability she had has long since departed to be replaced by a gargle not unlike that displayed by Marianne Faithful these days. “But she is so popular? How could she be so popular if she is so shit?” The ultimate example of flawed logic enacted by disciples of the questionably-talented, i.e: mass-popularity equals talent. I have only one thing to say in response to that: Britney Spears. If she isn’t irrefutable proof that sucess is as much about capturing the zeitgeist and having a good promoter (not to mention a pretty face if you’re female) as much as (if not more than in Britney’s case) whatever demonstrable talent the artist has then nothing is. Obviously this doesn’t apply to Stevie. In her case she was able to complete one good album (“Rumours”) and build on that repuation to an extent that continued success was assured, no matter what musical dross or constricted vocal chord-isms followed.

  7. Stevie Nicks is super successful. That’s obvious…and everyone is welcome to their opinion…but let’s give credit where credit is really due. Without Lindsay Buckingham, she wouldn’t have gotten past the coffee houses.

  8. Yea that’s why Rolling Stone considers her 1 of the 100 greatest singers ever!! You obviously know nothing about vocals or music. I am a music major(vocal) and nicks is my idol. She is one a lot of us singers look up too.

  9. Lol. Without Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac wouldn’t be what they are today. I agree that all her songs aren’t great. But, the one that are, are amazing. She’s truly one of the most talented female vocalists ever.

  10. All of these rude hating comments are ridiculous STEVIE NICK WROTE LANDSLIDE 1 OF THE BEST SONGS EVER MADE. I can understand every word in dreams and just so u can understand the songs since ur obviously a fn moron ” thunder means fights, yelling having it out with ur love one. And the raining r the tears of a broken relationship. More then one of her song r still hits u dumb asses. And ur so pathetic to take time out of ur day 2 bash one of the greats. Find a job or get a hobby no take that back get a life. I’m a 1983 baby I wasn’t even old enough 2 know their music. I so now and love it!! Very few artists can say 30+ yrs and new fans everyday. Get a life

  11. U have a degree in radio and television broadcasting. And u can’t even enturprit some of the greatest music of all time. Ur an idiot some needs 2 take that “degree” & stick it up ur ass right beside ur head

  12. Michelle at 2:14 a.m.: Learn how to spell.

    Stevie Nicks found a persona that suited her early on and has built it up and managed to persuade gullible fans that it is attractive. She has an unusual voice, and while it sounded OK back in 1977, the years and Nicks’ lifestyle have not helped it. Stevie Nicks is a brand, not a real person, that a real person had assumed and made her own. In that respect, she is clever. But a good singer? No.

  13. Stevie used to be different, but after years of music that demonstrates how limited her talent is, she needs to quit. Her voice sucks, she has a range of maybe four notes, and she rehashes stuff that was interesting back in 1976. She sucks!

  14. We can all agree that Stevie nicks has written some great songs. I think we can also agree thay she has one of the worst voices in music, especially now. She has smeared her career like a crazy person smears their shit over a public bathroom stall. With albums like “street angel” and “trouble in Shangri la”, it’s pretty clear her voice gave out a long time ago. Now she has recently put out “in your dreams” and “24 karat gold”, furthering the embarrassment that will haunt her legacy when she’s gone. All her new music is shit only a person over the age of 50 would enjoy. Now she’s making another album. Can’t wait to see how much this one bombs.

  15. I’ve always disliked her voice. I recently heard bits of her album 24 karat gold, and my goodness does she need to stop! It’s awful, llyrically its mediocre, vocally it’s like nails on chalkboard.

  16. This bitch has always annoyed me! She never shuts up about coke, Lindsey, klonopin, rumours, Wicca… Holy hell we get it!! You have minimal talent and sources for inspiration. Her fans are annoying. I hear them complain about directioners, but these fools are just as obsessed and crazy. her career ended a long time ago, like 1990. Bye hoe????????

  17. I agree with Joe. She is one of the greatest of all time. Landslide is so amazingly honest and pure. And many many others. Her voice isn’t what it was in the 70’s, but she can still sing well enough at least as of the last time I saw her in concert in 2004. Lots of jealous folks out there tho…

  18. I agree with the OP. To understand her voice, you need to go all the way back to the Buckingham Nicks album. For an album of this time period, her voice was super manipulated in post production. It’s an obviously thin voice that needed lots of embellishments. If her voice was so great, then why did they need to do this?
    Once she and Lindsay became members of the Mac, she was OUTSTANDING for a short time. I have live concert performances from 1975 and ’77. She was intense, focused, and her voice was really strong. Seriously, she gives me goosebumps during her live renditions of Rhiannon. She couldn’t have been better!
    At some point, in between the Rumors tour and the recording of Tusk, her voice and intensity went into the toilet. Was it the break-up with Buckingham? It might have been because in a documentary, he says (in a very PC, lame, gutless, West Coast way) that he had no reason to make her songs sound good after she dumped him. Basically, “What was my motivation to help my ex-girlfriend?” This is evident in the song Gypsy, where his guitar line is the gayest and most boring in the history of rock.
    Anyway, something happened around 1978 to make Stevie lose her focus and intensity, which is exacerbated by her lazy vocal style where she starts to bleat like a goat (God, I love South Park!). Later on, she got entirely lazy and turned into a big, fat slob.
    Stevie Nicks was great for a few years, and has sucked for many, many more. RIP Stevie…

  19. I have to agree with Argette, who, in an earlier comment, stated that Stevie Nicks is more of a brand or persona than a musical talent. I’d add that it was this persona/brand (with an incredibly, not to mention prolifically captured, photogenic visage) that out shadowed the genuine talents of Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham in the glory days of Fleetwood Mac.

    It may be an odd observation, but I have always felt that Stevie Nicks held a secret obsession with Jenny and Patty Boyd, one that she never confessed. If you google either Jenny or Patty in modeling images, you can clearly see that Nicks’ earliest photographs were directly copied in basic style and pose during the 1960’s/early 70’s career of the two sisters. It’s even more ironic (and kind of spooky) when considering her affair with Jenny Boyd’s husband, Mick Fleetwood…which is something I don’t recall Nicks ever apologizing for or feeling any shame over. It was just one of those things, apparently.

    While I rather enjoy her earliest music with FM and first couple of solo albums, it is true that without Buckingham or Jimmy Iovine (solo-wise) at the helm, her lyrics set to vocals fall flat…although to her credit, she’s very, very good with harmonizing her voice to almost any other vocalist. As Iovine once said, it is her strongest suit.

    In her dotage, I think Stevie Nicks is just what Christine McVie once said of her in an interview: “Stevie Nicks believes her own hype.” What Stevie Nicks is, is a repetitive bore. Like Mae West, she is doomed, in her dotage, to become a caricature of what she once was. At this juncture in time, she simply appears like one of the ‘Golden Girls’ with longer hair. It’s not like she’s Patti La Belle or others who will sing like a Goddess until they are one hundred.

    As for those who (and I’m guessing they are younger fans of Ms. Nicks)accuse her detractors of being jealous, that is as absurd as saying those who don’t like Pepsi products are simply envious of the brand.

  20. I have a hard time believing that anyone in their right mind can find her voice enjoyable. I’ll admit, it’s unique. But that doesn’t mean it’s good.

  21. I guarantee, you play her music to every person in the world, and the overwhelming majority will dislike it. Especially her recent work!

  22. It’s clear she’s done a fair amount of ripping off. Well, maybe just edge of seventeen. She copied the police so verbatim on those guitar chords. Oh well, both songs suck, just like nicks.

  23. Stevie Nicks’ voice is instantly recognizable and it adapts so well to any kind of song, whether it be the sensuous ‘Sara’ and ‘Dreams'(her’answer’ to ‘Go Your Own Way’), both of them filled with passion, or the up-tempo songs ‘Stand Back’ and ‘Talk To Me’. Such an adaptability is what makes great singers.
    Ms. Nicks supposedly being a brand would imply there were some marketing strategy behind her; however, she keeps true to the music. There is some doubt in my mind that today’s, mostly female,singers
    -I will not name any names-go through creative processes as Stevie Nicks does.

  24. I’ll put it this way, Stevie Nicks was/is the weak link in the chain. Many of her vocal performances just don’t stand up and some are down right painful to listen to. Although she has some nice writing credits to her name, she contributed little to nothing musically/instrumentally. Weak link, for sure.

  25. Lol. Stevie Nicks is amazing. She’s one of the most talented female artists I can think of. Not only a member of one of the greatest rock bands in the history of music, she also had a lucrative solo career. No other female artist has achieved what she has. Even if I wasn’t a fan I’d respect her. Stevie Nicks is famous for being herself. That’s no small feat. With a unique voice, poetic songwriting and her own visual style. She’s a Legend, and for good reason.

  26. I love Stevie’s ’76 redemption of Rhiannon. That performance basically changed my perspective when it comes to singing, however, I don’t really like her voice in anything besides that song (and that specific performance). Her newest work is… meh.

  27. I like a few Fleetwood Mac songs, I don’t think Stevie is as awful of a singer as some people are making her out to be (or at least she wasn’t). That being said, there’s one thing that bothers me about her, though. We all know rock stars tend to be quite the pompous dickheads but Stevie is able to surpass their level of cuntiness. She’s so full of herself and takes everything she does so seriously. I haven’t heard a single good (or even remotely decent) performance from her since the early 80s but she still thinks she’s such a powerful singer. Her latest performances of songs such as “Rhiannon” and “Edge of Seventeen” are just sad. I did like her voice. Her voice during the 70s has to be one of my favorites, it has a lot of characteristic. I don’t mind the fact that her voice is lower. Having a high voice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good. I’d much rather listen to a singer with a lower range than someone who yells their way through a song. I agree with various points made by commenters, both positive and negative. Stevie is full of herself, she thinks she’s better than she actually is and the only things she seems to talk about are coke and Lindsey, I see that. However, I don’t think she was such an awful singer… She certainly sucks now, but she didn’t suck as much back then.

  28. I totally love her and yes her voice has changed cus that’s what happens as you age , just like when boys go threw puberty and there balls haven’t dropped yet sound like tiny tim when he sings tip toe threw the tulips and girls sound all squeaky and then they go through puberty and then there voices sound like Debo from Friday and you can’t help it …but you keep on truck’n right ??? Well that’s what she is doing and I give her props. and by the way she is not all bragging and stuck on herself , lindsay or the constantly powderings of her nose obsession she had back in those good old days . Because if anyone pays attention you would notice that the person or people who interview her always wants to bring those subjects up and if you ask me I think they have some powdered secrets hidden up there noses :p* have been loyal to the foil and have busted some booty bumps ….lol!! So to each there own , live life to the fullest have fun make fun , laugh , stop pointing the dirty finger , don’t fart higher than your ass, quit hating on Miss Nicks cus she’s having fun and your not. And to all of the peeps out there that support miss Nicks , Be a Stevie and keep on truck’n ~love ya!

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