I’ve been meaning to mention here for a few weeks now how much I’ve been enjoying the Fox show Arrested Development. With any luck, they’ll not yank this great show off the air – they’ll give it some room to breathe and get the word of mouth thing going. I am convinced that if they’re patient with it, it will be a big hit in 2-3 seasons. I thought the same of Freaks & Geeks, though, and look what happened to that show. Damn, Fox, don’t screw this up. That said, here’s an interview with Jason Bateman, who stars in the show. The interview itself is pretty softball material, but I always felt I needed to work Jason Batemen into my weblog.

Heh – check it out. David Lee Roth will be on The Sopranos. It’s ’80s Wednesday on the Robot. Which reminds me, “Union of the Snake,” by Duran Duran came on the radio during my visit to the gym this morning.

Song now playing: The Volebeats – “Don’t I Wish”