It’s time for a spin around the web & news:

– No word on if Yoko Ono had a hand in this. Hah.

The feel-good story of the year, perhaps. Someday I envision myself being a successful writer. Problem is I need to actually write. Haven’t quite done that yet. I also need some ideas. Haven’t quite generated any.

– I need to start using the word trousers more. Other words I need to use more: hoser, motorcoach, soda pop. Words I need to use less: insane, brilliant, amazing.

– Sure, he had $150,000 worth, but what they don’t tell you is that it was $150,000 worth of Mike Moffatt cards – roughly 4 million Mike Moffatt cards. Obscure hockey reference. Sorry ’bout that.

– Excellent interview with Rick Rubin in this week’s Onion. Rubin was one of the foundations of the Def Jam record label in the early 1980s and produced a variety of great albums by the Beastie Boys, RUN-DMC, Johnny Cash, The Jayhawks, etc. Really worth a read.

– The current score in the great Rod Stewart debate of 2005 (see below) is 2-2. It’s tied. Frankly, I’m disappointed in the voter turnout. Six people responded, two of whom were actually too cool to pick one.