I’ve never experienced this in any place I’ve lived before, but this appears to be about the time of year when there’s a brief flurry of ladybugs at our house, not neccescarily a bad thing, as they’re known to be quite a useful bug to have around. They mostly hang out on window sills and we’ll occasionally see them near our kitchen or bathroom sinks. I rarely see them move, but apparantly they are rabid devourers of other, more destructive insects, so it’s all good. Supposedly, when the males mate, they experience three 90-minute orgasms, too, so you gotta hand it to them – they sure know how to party. I’m thinking there’d be a lot less war and aggression if human males had such capabilities. Just sayin.’

Anyway, to totally change the subject, I still pee standing up. Don’t worry, this will come full circle. As a 34 year-old male, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’m an upright pee-er. The only time I pee sitting down is right when I get up in the morning. Not sure why, probably just want to sit after I’ve just woken up, I suppose. This is feeling more and more like a Andy Rooney commentary, isn’t it? Really, I apologize.

Anyway, today I took a break from work to make lunch and made a stop in the bathroom. Standing up, I went about my usual business and about halfway through I look down in the toilet bowl and – full circle as promised – there was a damn ladybug in the bowl. Now, I’d like to think the bug was dead already because it was not moving and one might imagine that a bug that’s smart enough to have three 90-minute orgasms is smart enough to avoid toilet bowls. However, you never knowwith these things and I certainly wasn’t going to investigate the “alive or dead” question any further.

So that’s all. I don’t believe there’s any adages or bad luck curses for pissing on a ladybug, but I must admit I did feel a little bad and I didn’t mean to. Would I have investigated the matter if I had seen the little critter pre-pee? Can’t imagine I would.

It’s quite possible I’ve reached a new low on the blog.