It’s been a whirlwind couple of days for yours truly. Had to get up at 4am on consecutive days (Tue-Wed) to catch flights to and from Austin, Texas on business. It’s funny how a single, hour-long meeting can totally mess with your body clock and affect the other 46 hours. It didn’t help that you simply cannot fly to Austin direct from Boston (or Manchester….or Providence…..or even Hartford), so what should be a 3-4 hour trip turns into a six hour trip because of layovers in places like D.C. and Houston. Regardless, I’m alive, even after getting home yesterday, then going right back out to play hockey at 9pm last night. I slept ok, yeah.

Austin is the only place in Texas I really like. It’s truly one hell of a great city, so I was a bit excited to go, although I knew I wouldn’t be spending much spare time there. The fact that it’s also in the south and warm was a bonus. That “warm” part, however, turned out to be a cruel, cruel joke. When I left Texas yesterday morning, the temperature was 29 degrees. They actually had to de-ice the plane. In Texas. Just doesn’t sound right, does it? They said on the news last night that those kind of temperatures rarely ever get to that point in Texas. Of course, it’s when I had to be there.

Much more tomorrow.