It only took 6 days and I am already exhausted by the coverage that this war is getting on television. Have you noticed that every damn media outlet have a “military advisor” on hand to answer all kinds of ridiculous questions posed by the robots who bring us the news on a nightly basis? Even radio stations have military advisors now! Come on! So I asked this very question to Stephanie this morning after I heard a radio station’s military advisor speaking – “why does everyone have a military advisor?” Her response: “I don’t have one.” She’s sharp, that girl.

However, that led me to thinking – what if I did have my own military advisor? That would actually be kind of cool, don’t you think? In the morning, during breakfast, he could translate all the war news for me, then during work, he might be able to shed some light on a particular way to re-think a business deal or a client issue – one that would make more military sense. At night, he could clear the way in the nightclubs so that six-foot-eight person that ALWAYS stands in front of me will think twice after my personal military advisor puts a boot in his ass – and I’ll have a clear view of the band. My very own personal ass-kicker!

This led me to further wonder – does Iraqi TV have military advisors? Just picture that – they’re standing there with the big map behind them and they’re using the telestrator to draw dumb lines all over the place and a bunch of arrows all point to Baghdad, then they say “right about here is about where we expect to get our asses handed to us in a bad, bad way. We are terribly disoragnized, look at this path from the Tigres to…….” Blah blah blah.

Here’s the review of the tremendous Soundtrack Of Our Lives show from Sunday night. I’m still reeling from that one.

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