It looks like it’s getting pretty desperate for this whole Bush vs. Saddam thing. I know for a fact it’s getting desperate because I got a call from The White House and they sent me over to Iraq to “make friends” with Saddam and see what he was really thinking. Being the, uh, devoted patriot that I am, I waved farewell to my country and headed over to Iraq, undercover, to see what was up. I was able to get some very interesing info out of Saddam. He was convinced that I was on his side after I raced him across the Tigres river. Here you see me at the very end, losing the race. But don’t get me wrong, if you want information from Saddam, you’ve gotta let him win the swimming race. Everyone knows that…….the rest of the details I cannot divulge except for one thing: Saddam loves Cheap Trick.