Wednesday night found your devoted robot servant driving all over the state in search of fun. First it was a trip to the Geek Boutique, Maynard’s mom-and-pop computer store, staffed by friendly, knowledgeable guys and gals. I always try to support the local businesses, so I relied on them to help me pick out a suitable wireless router. After all, it’s extremely important that I be able to surf the web anywhere in the house. I mean, if I need to find out some information about Uganda, I shouldn’t have to take the five minutes to walk upstairs and turn on the computer, right? Right. I need to know that the population of Uganda is 26,404,543 immeadiately!

After work, it was over to Marlborough, Mass for an 8:30 hockey game, where I play in a men’s league. I don’t need to say much more than a few words about this one: we sucked eggs. It was our first loss of the season and I pretty much played one of the worst games in a while.

However, any remnant bitterness about my level of suckage in a hockey game was quickly dashed away by a drive afterward to Cambridge, MA, where Sloan took the stage at about 11:30pm and proceeded to deliver, yet again, their unmatched and devastatingly catchy rock and roll, into the early hours of Thursday morning.

The thing about Sloan is this: if you see that band and you leave the club not smiling and feeling thoroughly rocked, then you’ve got deeper problems that need to be addressed professionally. They have incredible charisma, unstoppable songs and their versatility is admirable – look no further than the fact that all four of them write and sing songs. At one point, the lead singer moves to drums, the guitarist takes up the bass and drummer moves up to sing lead.

And if you don’t believe the charisma thing, check this out (although I don’t recommend this – easy way to catch a cold):

Say no more.

By the way, word hit the news wires this morning that the arranged marriage between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is on. When asked how she felt about being engaged to the man whose posters graced her bedroom walls as a teenager, Holmes smiled with half her face, like she always does, and remarked “I’m not really sure, we’ve never spoken. Oh wait. No. Yes, they told me that I am very happy! Yes. I’m psyched.”

At that point, her Scientology coach punched her.