Diaper Cake
Originally uploaded by rustedrobot.

So, recently I was made aware of a phenomenon that I had never even knew existed. That phenomenon is called a diaper cake. Now, we’ll tackle what a diaper cake actually is in just a minute. First, let me say this upfront: the words “diaper” and “cake” ought NOT to ever be uttered in the same sentence, nor should both of those words be used together to describe something you eat. Granted, it is not really a cake. You don’t eat it unless you have severe mental problems.

That said, a diaper cake is, apparently, a gaggle of diapers with various accoutrements, made to look like a cake. In our case, pictured here, we get the added benefit of what is, effectively, two diaper cakes. Each diaper has a flower in it, and the theme of the diaper cake is “two peas in a pod.” This was given to Steph by her co-workers, who went above and beyond the call of duty to celebrate her pregnancy. Obviously.

Diaper Cake. Thoughtful, appreciated, but strange. And hey, we’ll take the free diapers. There’s about 24 of them there, which will be enough for one day.

So guys and gals, how many of you have ever even heard of this thing? I sure haven’t.