I had obviously already begun my weightlifting regimen

I had obviously already begun my weightlifting regiment, can't you tell?

Ah, this is one from a more innocent time. A time when I thought nothing of fat red men jumping down my chimney or large, scary bunnies leaving eggs strewn about the house. Of COURSE they’re real! I don’t know when this was taken because the picture has no information on the back, but I can guess it must be 2nd or 3rd grade. At first glance, you might say “gee Jeff, that’s a pretty feminine dresser you had there.” Alas, my friends, this was shot in my sister’s room. You may even argue it’s mine because there’s a Bruins sticker on the mirror there, but the big giveaway is that there are small red stickers at the bottom of the mirror that spell out my sister’s name, Cari.  Ah, those red stickers. I have such specific memories of those. I put my jersey number on the back of my youth hockey helmet with those stickers – because that’s what the NHL players did. Anyway, along the top you see a bunch of other stickers, half of which appear to be an relatively futile attempt to remove them. How I remember this I cannot fathom, but I can tell you with great certainty that those are Charlies Angels stickers. Other notables:

  • My hair is sweet. This would totally work for me today. If it would grow.
  • The reflection in the mirror shows some interesting curtains, can’t really make out what it is, though.
  • Love those 1970s chairs. Those probably go for $80 a pop these days at Ikea.