I’m sitting in the church on Saturday at a wedding and I am wearing a suit. The suit has absolutly nothing to do with this story, but whenever I wear a suit, I feel the need to let as many people as possible know that I have worn a suit. Because it rarely ever happens. Anyway, so I’m sitting there, and I’m watching the wedding, and I notice that everyone in the wedding party (I don’t know, maybe 10 people or so) has their backs to us. The bride and the groom have their backs to us. Not uncommon, really. But then when the bride and groom turn and face each other to give their vows, exchange rings, have a slap fight, play paddie-cakes, whatever, the entire wedding party still has thier backs to us. How odd. Usually, at least when the vows are exchanged, the wedding party is facing everyone, watching the sappy-happy. But they just stood there, backs to us, backs to the bride and groom, looking at the wall ahead of them or something. It was then that this thought popped into my head: what if they’re planning a synchronized dance number? I quickly envisioned the entire wedding party all turning around at the same time right after the pronouncement of man and wife and then doing a wonderful dance number to the tune “Stop! In the name of love…..before you break my heart!” They would all whirl around at the same time and stick their hands straight out like a traffic cop – “STOP!…..in the name of love.” I actually had to laugh to myself just a little bit when I thought of that. The person next to me looked at me like I was weird or something. But I’m not weird. I’m insane. Big difference, buddy.

The reception was the usual reception, except I find myself dancing more and more lately. This will most certainly come as a shock to anyone who knows me, but I like dancing now. And I think I’m getting OK at it. Particularly during the slow part of “Come On Eileen” (“Come on……Eileen too-rye-aye, come on…”) when I was doing a Russian dance – arms crossed in front me, straight out, while doing leg kicks. I even had to laugh at myself during that. Seems like nearly all weddings are the same. When the day comes, I want a different kinda-wedding. I’m not even sure what that means yet, but I want to just do something completely different to make it interesting and fun, not just “another wedding.”

Oh, check it out, this is kinda sad, but still kinda funny for an 8-year old

Finally, I saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” this weekend – pretty hilarious movie. Now, I’m Greek, and I certainly did see some facets of my own extended family in this movie, especially the parts about eating. Either way, I strongly suggest you see it. Good stuff.