I’m basking in the afterglow of a great show here in Boston last night from one of indie-rock’s finest group of soldiers. Built To Spill are, arguably, one of the ultimate live bands on the circuit today. Not because they jump around, say witty things or act like obnoxious, drunk boors. Because they are good. Damn good. They’re an unassuming little group of musicians who speak with their talent. Lead singer Doug Martsch is the king of the unassumed, looking like that hesitant, skinny bearded dude in your IT department who always carries books with SQL or something in big letters across the top. But their all-business approach with geniune “thank-you’s” after each song make their minimalist banter almost endearing. It is, after all, about the music. With no new album to promote, they cruised through a nice little trip of their past, opening with “Revoloution” and proving themselves sonically excellent on some of my favorites like “Carry The Zero,” and “Stop The Show,” among countless others. They really finished up in style, though, blistering for about 15 minutes through the old Neil Young nugget “Cortez The Killer” and then, to put the final stamp on their gold medal evening, nailed it shut with a kick-ass rendition of the old Clash tune “White Man In Hammersmith Palais.” A sweet evening, indeed. Notably absent from the setlist was my favorite BTS tune, “I Would Hurt A Fly,” but how can I complain? They’re as good or better than anyone out there. As aside: I’ve noticed lately that all the hip kids are growing beards.

Song now playing: Built To Spill – “Velvet Waltz”