If you’re not interested in the entertainment, online content, wireless or even traditional communications businesses such as telephones and television, etc, than Om Malik’s Blog is not for you. But if you are interested, Malik’s writing and suggested links are always a very interesting and educational read. This site is a daily stop for me, especially as it relates to my job. Among other things, Malik is a writer for the magazine Business 2.0, which when first released was something I thought of as just another “new economy” magazine, of which there were dozens. Most of those dozens can now be found in the publishing graveyard. But surprisingly enough, Business 2.0 has turned itself into a decent publication and good source for anyone in the online business. Now and then they do run some articles that can only be described as “People Magazine-esque,” but hell, nothing is perfect. Except for Fig Newtons, maybe.

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