If only I could break into the printing press where US magazine is produced and do something like this, it would be so worth getting arrested for. Which brings me to an interesting question – what would be worth getting arrested for, within reason? We could make this more specific – if you know you’d only be fined $750 dollars and arrested/released, what would you do? I think I might run out onto the field at Fenway Park during a Sox game. That might be worth getting arrested.

We’ve been spending most of our recent weekends re-doing the third bedroom in our recently purchased house. I’m here to tell you that re-doing a bedroom is quite deceiving. I know this because I’ve done three of them in a span of five months and it is just plain exhausting, especially when you add the removal of old, thin, stubborn wallpaper to the mix. That said, I give you a blow-by-blow account of the five major steps involved. The first picture in this set is a picture we shot on the very first day we saw the house. The middle three were taken during the last couple of weeks and the last picture was taken at about 4pm yesterday.

Finally, this cannot really be true, can it? All indications point to this being a real story. Please make note of the picture, too, which is just too surreal. Can you imagine? “See here, yo? I’ll do some toprock first, then this is poppin’ — sweet, huh??!! Want me to do some swipes? Floats? Flares?”

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