Potato-Leek-Carrot Soup
Originally uploaded by rustedrobot.

This is about a week late, but I’m giving props to Steph for turning out an awesome dish last weekend. Pictured here is her potato-leek-carrot soup, which she’s made a couple of times and is a great soup for one of those cold February Sunday nights. It has a distinct flavor of its own and apparantly it’s quite a healthy meal. Just to the right there is her “winter salad,” which appears to be a big hit wherever we take it. It may look like a standard salad from where you’re sitting, but hiding in there are pieces of apple, cranberries and cashews.

My lone contribution: you can barely see it as it’s hiding on the north side of my plate there, but I bought some bread at the supermarket and stuck it in the oven.

Which reminds me: as a HUGE bread fan, I can’t stand it when a restaurant brings over a nice, warm basket of bread before a meal and just as you pick up the knife and eye that warm bread like Wade Boggs used to eye random women in the stands at Fenway, you realize that the butter is rock solid cold. That totally blows. I understand the need to keep butter good, but can’t they warm it up or at least get it to room temperature before they serve it? Trying to spread solid butter on warm bread destroys it.

Am I on the wrong track here? Does anyone out there actually like the butter being served cold and hard to spread? Am I missing something there?