I tell you what, having some days off from work has been a much-needed respite. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had several consecutive quiet, peaceful days in a row. Even Thanksgiving itself was about as low-key a holiday as I’ve ever had and I really needed it. It was just myself, mom and dad. We had dinner. The post turkey pan looked somewhat like a coronor’s photograph:

Nasty, huh? It was delicious, though. Anyway, after dinner, we went and saw Elf, the new Will Ferrell movie. It was pretty damn hilarious and traditional Ferrell. I couldn’t help but think during the film, though, that this guy is capable of so much more. I hope he really pushes himself through to the next level now. He’s done 2 or 3 good, goofy comedy films and I really believe he could be the real deal in a drama. Think back to Tom Hanks, who built his resume in the early ’80s in a similar fashion by performing in television shows like Bosom Buddies and movies like “Bachelor Party” (one the more underappreciated comedies of the ’80s). Ferrell seems to be taking a similar path. Much like Hanks’ “Big,” Ferrell’s next role as a newscaster in “Anchorman” seems to be a little more serious, although I’m sure we’ll see some of the uniform comedy we’ve come to expect, but from everything I’ve read about “Anchorman” so far, there will be a slightly more serious undertone – a good move for Ferell, in my eyes. He’s too good to ride a one-trick pony.

Anyway, the rest of my holiday was spent relaxing, watching television and laughing heartily at my parents dogs, a couple of marginally psychotic Wiemeraner’s. I made a couple of attempts to photograph them this weekend and came up with this one – as I raised the camera the dog approached me quickly, undoubtedly to try and either a) sniff the unfamiliar silver camera that was in my hand or b) eat the silver camera in my hand.

So yeah, it was a great holiday. The best part about it is that I still have an entire weekend to go! Back to doing some TV research………almost there.

Song now playing: Shirley Ellis – “The Clapping Song”