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Hah. Anyone remember that song? Goodness.

Anyway, now that baseball season is over I had no video games to play, so I thought I’d give NHL ’06 a shot after taking a few years off. It’s pretty sweet. My favorite part is the loud grunting and huge crash that occurs when you really drill someone hard into the boards. As you can tell by the picture, you can create yourself, too. How vain am I? I’m vain enough to create myself in a video game, but not vain enough to draft myself. You see, I decided I’d play as Philadelphia and I held a fantasy draft, but the New Jersey Devils drafted me. Naturally, when I played as Philly against the Devils, Jeff Copetas scored to beat me. I am such a dork.

Oh! Some pop culture fanatics (guilty as charged) must be pitching tents over the news that Time-Warner is releasing a bunch of old sitcoms via the internet. AOL will be the only place to get them. It’s a pretty cool idea, I have to admit, although you won’t find me racing to download any episodes of “Growing Pains.” What’s your favorite old sitcom? I’d have to say “Cheers” is nearest and dearest to my heart.