I kid you not, there was a headline on Boston.com over the weekend: “New Moon Found On Uranus.” Need I say any more than that? I’m 31 and the Uranus jokes just never, ever get old.

Well, you know you’re in for a week or so of off-kilterness and mild depression when you turn the clocks back an hour. Not only will it now get dark at like 2:30 every day, but the baseball season is over, too. A double-whammy! While this World Series wasn’t as dramatic as last season, this was still one of the better playoffs in recent memory because it’s difficult to hate the Angels – they are a great, exciting team to watch and in a world of selfish, wildly over-affluent, spoiled pricks in the baseball world, this team really seems like a good group of guys. The way they came back late in Game 6 Saturday night was simply historic, the best game of the season and heart-stopping. I hope Mo Vaughn is feeling good about his move to the Mets now! Hah, ya jackass!

I caught Black Hawk Down during a very rainy Saturday afternoon this weekend, and wasn’t even close to impressed. Essentially it was 2.5 hours of killing and war, with no real story to accompany it. If done well, a war movie can be a masterpiece, look no further than Saving Private Ryan. But this was just senseless and the acting was only marginally good. Sounded real nice on the home theatre system, though.