I love dogs. Love them. If I am out walking in almost any environment, I will gladly approach a dog and pet it, unless it’s a Pit Bull or it looks otherwise agitated. 99% of the time, it’s a darn pleasant experience. The past couple of nights, however, the local news has been reporting on two dogs on consecutive days who have been electrocuted while on walks with their owners. At two seperate locations! The culprit? None other than NStar, the local electric company/monopoly, who left not one, but two streetlight wires live, sticking out of the ground after removing the posts from the sidewalks. What a bunch of morons. Dogs are being walked everywhere in our fair city. NStar, a quick lesson for you: dogs put their nose in everything on the ground. Take some freakin’ responsbility and at least turn off the power to the wires if you’re gonna leave ’em in the ground. Idiots.

Anyway, according to this morning’s Boston Globe, one of the families is suing NStar and looking for $740,000 in damages, which, not so coincidentally, is the exact salary of the President of the company. I hope they get their money and then some. NStar is lucky their ignorance hasn’t cost them more, like in the form of a couple of human lives.

However, if this family does get that handsome payoff, the pessimist in me wondered if the local pound might see an uptick in activity. A strange thought, but I’ll bet you anything there’s evil people out there who would gladly give up a dog’s life for that kind of payoff. OK, I’ll stop now. I feel bad for even thinking it, maybe I’m having a day of shaken faith in the human race. Rest assured, I could never, ever, ever bring myself to do something like that.