I consider Buttercup to be another one of those bands that “shoulda made it.” Their 1998 album called Love was easily one of my top 10 releases of that year. It was just one of those albums where you seemed to know all the songs by heart after one listen – filled with syrupy-sweet, upbeat pop songs and clever lyrics such as:

Think it over, what you’ve done
Confess to where your light is shining
And don’t feel sorry because you suck
Say the uncomfortable farewell
That saddle suits you well…..

I’m really very curious to see how successful Apple will be in their newly minted quest to be the market leaders in legitimate music downloading. Personally, I believe there’s a big difference between manufacturing music-listening devices like the IPod and navigating the murky, infested legal swamps of the music business these days. But we’ll see – I’ve always respected Apple/Mac for getting the user-friendly thing right for so long, so I’m pulling for them.

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