Howdy do, howdy do, howdy do??? My Grandpa Herrmann (my mom’s dad) used to greet everyone with that greeting. He’s been gone for about 15 years now but that memory will live on forever.

So, I’m not quite living up to my expectations in keeping up Jeff’s blog. Just been too busy at the office. So it goes…

One thing I have to mention, thanks to Jeff, is that I just purchased a 40GB iPod and I couldn’t be more excited!!! Thing is, my lovely wife purchased me a 20GB iPod for my 40th birthday on July 5. I’ve been so busy the past month, including every weekend, that I never got around to opening the box containing the new iPod. Then this past weekend Jeff informed me that iPod had just reduced the price of their units, and the 40GB now costs less than the 20GB did just a week ago. Today I returned by 20GB unit and got the 40GB unit for trade, plus $60 back!!! The 40GB unit holds up to 10,000 songs and I’m going to start loading it next week. It’ll be quite the challenge to actually fill up 40GB worth of music but I’ll do it. Heck, just with my CD library of Dylan, Van Morrison, Graham Parker, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Lou Reed, and Johnny Cash will take care of at least 1500 songs since I have over 100 CDs of those artists’ music alone!

Hey, hey! The Cubs won today at Milwaukee! Now they’re only 1 1/2 games behind San Francisco for the wild card in the NL. At the end of every day though it’s just not enough to keep me a content fan. I had such high hopes this year for the Cubs taking their division but St. Louis is just too good. And they’re a far better team…they play the fundamentals of baseball…picking players off, throwing runners out from the outfield, stealing bases and more, and doing so consistently. And it’s a shame that Sammy Sosa has to start because of his paycheck and the “fans.” There’s a better player sitting the bench but even Dusty Baker gives in to the politics of the club’s administration, playing Sosa every day. Incidentally, my son Joe calls him Sammy Soso, which I think is a compliment.

Speaking of my son, he just gave me a Dum-Dum. Root beer flavor…delicious!

Tomorrow my family are leaving for the Michigan dunes just across the Indiana border on Lake Michigan. It’s a beautiful part of the Midwest and I can’t wait to get there and relax.

Whelp, if I can get my son to stop watching videos (now playing: Horton Hears A Who!, a classic) I’m going to take in the final night of the Democratic National Convention. Kerry speaks tonight, and it’s the most important speech of his life. Speeches…Clinton’s earlier this week was perhaps the best he’s ever delivered. And our — Illinois’ — Barack Obama addressed the Convention Tuesday night as the keynote speaker, and he was brilliant! He also has a blog.

Good night…


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