How great is tin foil? I try to incorporate tin foil into my life every single day in which I possibly can. You can have your ziploc bags. You can have your tupperware. I loves me some shiny, tinny tin foil. I once, by accident, placed some tin foil into my mouth – that was wrong. So wrong. One thing I would advise that you never do with tin foil is put it into your mouth. Ever. Trust me on this one.

Anyway, tin foil is the savior of everything kitchen-related. It hugs and grabs snugly. It tightly seals. Screw your saran wrap. Let me tell you one thing about saran wrap – it’s worthless crap. Screw Saran Wrap. I can’t even get that shit to stick to the side of containers to give me the complete, tight seal that I so desperately need for my sealing purposes. Don’t even get me started on trying to rip an even piece of Saran Wrap or keep it flat. The only thing Saran Wrap sticks to is itself. Damn you, Saran Wrap – you are the biggest scam since NyQuil (don’t ask).

You know what else I use a lot of – paper towels! Oh, how I love the paper towels! I use paper towers for everything. Ever since my friend Dave Klug sent me an article a couple of years ago that said cutting boards have more germs than toilet seats and that hand towels (sometimes) have even more, I’ve used paper towels at a rate that could only be described as excessive and ridiculous. Long live paper towels, although I think it’s high time that the Brawny dude had a makeover. He kinda looks like a dude in the first row of a Bob Seger concert in 1981.

Remember, my offer below is still out there – first ten people to send me an email requesting so get a CD of ten songs – one from each of my top ten records of 2003. I built it yesterday and it’s a killer!

Song now playing: The Thrills – “Santa Cruz (You’re Not That Far)”