Yesterday I picked up The Boston Globe on a morning walk through downtown Maynard and, not surprisingly, didn’t get to read it until about 9:30pm last night. When I did finally open it, I was sad to discover it was a pretty boring edition, with one exception: a very interesting article about human waste. Yes, I just said that. Really, you should read it, because you’ll actually learn a lot about a few things – the makeup of human waste, for one, which isn’t exactly what I was bargaining for when I bought the paper, but still, knowledge is power, right? But you’ll also learn about how it can separated and used effectively for many different things.

Who would have thought human waste was such a valuable entity? It is. And now people in the industrialized world are coming around to what people in third world countries have known (and employed) all along – reusing it saves lots of money! Holy shit, indeed! And no, people, you don’t have to shovel anything out of your toilet or any such nonsense. It can be re-routed and reused via the sewer system, which the article also goes into.

Hey, the robot is here to inform. Poop and pee rules!