Check out this dream I had last night. From what I can remember, I was involved in some kind of game where each player was assigned an animal. The goal of the game was for you and your assigned animal to complete six tasks. The first team to complete the six tasks was the winner. The six tasks all involved going into people’s houses and accomplishing some kind of goal. In addition to that, the game also had a video game component where in each household I had to play a game and we couldn’t move to the next house until I completed the video game.

All of the houses were childhood houses that I was familiar with: family friends, relatives, etc. My assigned animal was a white baby tiger that looked exactly like this. Cute! The tiger and I got along very well – it was a very friendly baby tiger, except I do remember it would playfully bite me like a kitten or puppy do.

That’s all I can remember. What does it mean?