Hi all. I’m back. Thanks to Dave for pinch-hitting over the last week or so. He’s one hell of a dude, isn’t he? It looks like his appearance here sparked a bug in Dave that won’t die – he’ll be kicking off his own blog pretty soon, I think. I mean, he asked me about the whole process of starting one, so…..maybe look for a Dave-Blog soon enough? Time will tell.

I woke up this morning and I had the song “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul in my head. Can someone explain what that means? Did I have a dream about Paula Abdul? Is it my conscious telling me that I need someone to tell me – straight up – if they’re really going to love me forever? Or am I really just caught in a “hit-and-run?” I just don’t know.

Is anyone else looking forward to the titanic pitching matchup tonight between Pedro Martinez and Tim Hudson! A battle of wildcard teams! Come on now!

Song now playing: The Blacks – “Fake Out Jesus”