Hi. I went to the Bruins game tonight. Wanna see? OK.

This is me before the game, all psyched ’cause I’m going to the game.

This is some action from the game oh yeah oh yeah.

This is the dude that sat next to me. I had no idea who he was, but I think he was on some kind of furlough from the nut house; he was yelling things like “Fuck You, Ref,” and “Fuckwads!” and “oh yeah, you call a penalty on US but not them!” Additionally, not only did he give the other team’s goaltender the middle finger – he gave the double middle finger. On several occasions. I tried like hell to get a picture of him while he was really mad, but I had to be discreet. This is the best I could do.

My friend Brian took this one, hoping that the insane dude next to me would be throwing a hissy fit. We missed it again, but I made a dumb face anyway. We had fun.

Finally, here I am after the game, very serious about posting to my website tonight.