Hey! Howz about more photos? Okay. Each one of these pictures are actually two pictures, placed side-by-side and scanned because I wanted a “wide-angle” feel. It’s blatantly obvious they’re put together, but I’m not going for professionality, so cut me some slacko, jacko.

This one is my favorite – it’s a view of the San Francisco bay (SF side) from right near the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. That island towards the left-center of the picture is Alcatraz and on the far right is the San Francisco skyline.


This one is actually the Golden Gate, taken again from the San Francisco side. Beautiful. Foggy.

And this one is Robin Williams’s house – at the very left you can see the beginnings of the indoor basketball court. You can barely see the backboard, but it’s there. I hate basketball, but I love this house. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean in the area of San Francisco called “Sea Cliffs,” I believe. It’s pretty snug in there with a LOT of other residences, so props to Williams for not building a house like 10 miles from anyone else. Very cool.