Vacation and Labor Day are over now. We spent our vacation on the lovely Plum Island, a small island off of Newburyport on the north shore of Massachuetts. It is a very quiet, unassuming and beautiful little stretch of land with very little commerce. Just how we like it. Even better, we rented a house which was about a 45 second walk to the beach! Sweet. As indicated from the photo above, a good time was had by all. It was our first true vacation with the kids, which proved to be an interesting experiment, for when one thinks of vacation, it’s typically one of relaxation and unwinding. I am here to tell you, and this shouldn’t be news to anyone, that relaxation and unwinding was not a part of the equation, which is why I hesitate to call it “vacation,” truthfully. It’s more along the lines of taking care of the kids just like we do at home, only it’s in a much nicer locale.

Of course, that said, there were many great moments for our family, which I don’t need to pontificate on here for fear of making you bored. Just let it be said that the kids got to experience a lot of new and exciting things. I don’t remember which of Stephanie’s friends said this, but at some point last year it was explained to us that for adults with young children, the only way to really get everything you can out of a vacation is to envision it through the kids eyes. So I did my best to view everything through their eyes, except the part about envisioning what it must be like to poop and pee in my pants, I suppose. In doing that, I considered it a smashing success and despite our being exhausted every night, it was very sad to leave.

Rest of the vacation photos can be found here.

Upon my return, I found an awesome website, called You basically plug your face into various traditional yearbook pictures that span the years 1950 to 2000. It is hilarious. I had a few funny ones, but I think my favorite might have been my 1952 yearbook photo. I wish I still had this hair! I’ll post a few others this week as well.