Greetings Robots! 362 more shopping days! I’m basking in the aftermath of what was a terrific Christmas. I’m also relieved at the completion (finally) of my home theatre system, with the addition of a Cambridge Soundworks Newton Subwoofer- thanks mom & dad! Now when I watch movies, it hits you right HERE (I’m banging my chest). It’s going to be fun in 2004, watching sports in HD and movies on the big screen with the full arsenal of audio power to go with it.

Back on November 1st, Stephanie and I drove up to Salem, MA to have dinner with our friends Dan & Kerry and we had a great time witnessing the Halloween leftovers the town had to offer. There were still some strays left, decked out in their costumes, as we wandered around the streets of a downtown that has really made great strides in recent years, much like a lot of Boston’s surrounding areas. Salem has a lot to offer. The highlight of the trip, though, was our visit to the Peabody Essex Museum, one of the largest museums on the east coast.

We didn’t get to see everything, but we’ll save the rest for another trip. I was able to get some good pictures, though, documented here. Simplebits Dan makes a hilarious guest appearance in this slideshow.

It might be a bit early, but I’d love to hear some feedback from all of you folks who received one of the “Top 10 CDs” which I was sending out. I’d be interested to know what you think of my taste for the year.

The weather, dare I say, has also been so delightful ’round these parts. If only it would stay this way all year. On my way to work this week, I was at a stop light when I looked up, opened my sunroof and shot this picture:

Song now playing: Nothing. It’s 12:07am.