There are two things that happen to me a lot:

1. Seems whenever I wash my hands, I always then have to pee. This doesn’t happen after I pee of course, but let’s say I’ve just changed a diaper and need to wash my hands. During the hand washing or just after, the need to pee comes out of nowhere. So I pee, then I have to wash my hands again. Does this ever happen to you? It’s been happening to me all my life. I’m also glad nobody pulled the “dip Jeff’s finger in a cup of warm water” prank as kids. I may have been in trouble if such an incident had occured.

2. I am at the store. Whatever I am purchasing comes to, say, $3.19. Or $3.59. Or $3.99. I dig into my wallet – and I have $3.00. This seems to happen to me an awful lot – I have the amount of single dollar bills, but not the change. So I either have to put it on a card or break a $20. It’s no big deal and it doesn’t bother me, but why does it always happen that way? Again, does this happen to you?

Finally, someone left a comment here this week about my Facebook post and I wanted to clarify something. I am not deleting friends solely because I find their updates are boring. I delete friends because I don’t know them well enough. Example:  brothers or sisters of people from school days who I might have said hello to once. It was my mistake in the first place to accept the invite to connect. Just wanted to make that more clear.