Every so often in my daily morning sojurn through the Boston Globe, I’ll come across an incredible oversight on the part of the copy editing team at the Globe. I often wonder how people can miss such glaring mistakes, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right? I mean, I often find my own grammatical errors long after I’ve posted something. Anyway, the fact that nobody is perfect often leads to a good laugh. This headline above, which ran in yesterday’s paper, is one of my recent favorites. The headline would indicate that “a woman known for courage and daring action” was seized by police, along with some cocaine. No word on whether or not the heroine was released on her own personal recognizance.A terrific overview of the oil situation in Saudi Arabia, which also explores OPEC’s genius use of “fuzzy math” can be found in this somewhat lengthy New York Times article from Sunday. A really good and informative read if you’re looking to get your feet wet on the seriousness of the subject.

Quickly on baseball: while we’re obviously happy to see the Red Sox maintaining their hold on first place in the American League East, I’ve been feeling the same nagging thoughts since around May – that this team is constantly teetering on the edge of a 15 game losing streak or something. They continue to defy that thought, however, so maybe it’s just….all those years. I can’t help but think their pitching is going to catch up to them, though. If not now, then certainly in October.