First things first, this new law recently enacted by the state of Massachusetts has put a damper on my heterosexual marraige plans. Stephanie won’t be pleased. The question: is there a grandfather clause which lets currently married or engaged people maintain their heterosexual union while determining the partner for their homosexual one? Stay tuned.

Lots of good search engine material recently. Of course, there’s the latest Wired cover story, which features 13 full pages of nothing but Google. It reads much more like a paid advertisement than an article, really. What I mean is that this piece is more suited to People magazine, based on it’s near-adolescent content and writing. Wired, normally a pretty fantastic magazine/editorial, ought to be ashamed of themselves really, but let’s face it, Google’s a juggernaut now and we’ll probably see more of it in the weeks and months to come. I’ll hold off on adding “years” to that statement for now.

Wouldn’t hurt to take note of this interview, too, with Ask Jeeves VP Of Product Management, who makes some interesting comments about the future of search (editorial note: I work for Ask Jeeves).

I’ve noted here previously about my disdain for the sport of basketball. But it’s kinda cool to see that Kent State, my alma mater, has strung together some very impressive seasons, including this year. When I was at Kent, all of our sports team were pretty horrible, with the exception of baseball, who had a dominating young pitcher named Dustin Hermanson at the time. You might recognize his name. Anyway, I believe that while I was at Kent, the aggregate record of our Division 1 football team was 1-39. I think.

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