First of all, I was looking through my traffic logs and noticed that someone clicked over to my site from Google by typing “sexy robot pictures” as their search. That’s funny shit.

I made my second trip to see Kaiju Big Battel on Wednesday night, and it was as entertaining as the first. If you remember, in my blog from April (scroll down to April 7), the first one I attended was quite an adventure. Anyway, this one was just as hilarious, but there were two particular parts that really had me cracking up. One was the second match of the night between the “American Beetle” and “Gomi-Man.” The American Beetle is just what you’d think – a guy dressed up in a complete Beetle outfit, who “comes alive” when the crowd chants “USA! USA!” But Gomi-Man, holy crap. Gomi-Man is a gigantic mound of trash and sewage. That’s his costume. It’s a bunch of garbage, with a head of garbage. And he comes out with two bags of garbage tied to his wrists, and he swings them around at his opponent. Eventually, the bags of garbage were slung into the crowd. But wait – that’s not all – hooo, no. He also brings a barrel of toxic, radioactive sewage into the ring with him and hits people with it, and all this green liquid comes out of it. Pretty incredible.

The second highlight of the night was during the match for the Kaiju Championship of the Universe, pitting the champion “Silver Potato” (no explanation needed) and the “Hell Monkey.” After a few minutes of wrestling, they both suddenly stop and Silver Potato demands his music be played, and suddenly we’re in a “break-dance off!” As you see here, both parties made thier attempts at break dancing, much to the crowd’s delight!

In that second picture, you can see Hell Monkey’s evil manager, the notorious Dr. Cube, sitting the background. Hell yeah. I’ll certainly be attending the next one, and will post a few other pictures later, especially of the two new characters introduced, a giant slug and a very large dragon looking thing that spews blue liquid from his nose. Classic. This puts pro wrestling to shame!