A few random thoughts on the Super Bowl:

– No football game has ever given me an actual headache. Last night’s game did just that. A real, tension headache. That was like an old-school heavyweight title fight. Those of us who didn’t know or respect the Carolina Panthers certainly know and respect them this morning – they put up one hell of a fight.

– Jake Delhomme is a tremendous quarterback.

– There are so many things that happened to the Patriots that made them a little bit lucky to win the game. First and foremost: two terrible coaching decisions by Carolina to go for two point conversions when they didn’t really need them – does anyone think the Carolina players might be questioning those decisions? It could have very well cost them a victory.

– Many bungled plays by the Patriots: a horrendous squib kick at the end of the first half, the Tom Brady interception in the end zone, two missed field goals, getting sliced and diced by Delhomme…..

– In the end though, the good teams find ways to win games. Period. Brady is one of the most deserving players to win a Super Bowl MVP award – what a performance, other than the pick-off in the end zone.

– I think I saw Janet Jackson’s boobie.

– Best commercial: the 7-Up commercial with the hoop on the back of the 7-Up truck had me really cracking up. Other than that, slim pickings.

Song now playing: Uncle Tupelo – “Fifteen Keys”