I know I’ve waxed about how much I love the Flight 390 blog. It’s written by a commercial pilot who’s been at the helm of commercial aircraft for many many years. Often times, his co-pilots are half his age. His blog isn’t at all about the struggling airlines, the high prices or the horrific customer service that the U.S. airline passengers are dealing with. He’s a pilot and he writes about what actually happens in the cockpit of these amazing airplanes. 

His latest post was about flying into Philadelphia right as the remnants of Hurricane Hanna were being delivered to Philadelphia. It is, perhaps, his best post ever – and he’s been blogging for a long, long time. I tell you what, flying and airplanes have always fascinated me and this guy just keeps fueling the flames for me. Makes me want to take flying lessons. Anyway, even if you’re not into this sort of thing, read the post. It’s captivating.