Stupid, spolied athlete story #3,456:

Mike Modano of the U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey team, after what can only be labeled as a pathetic team performance, steps off the ice after the team was eliminated yesterday and proceeds to do a dead-on impression of a little girl who just lost her dolly. Modano was complaining that the players and their wives had to book their own flights and hotels. Awwwwww, poor Mikey. He also complained about the coaching staff taking a timeout too early in yesterday’s game. Rub your eyes, little Mikey. Buck up, little camper. Nobody gives a shit that a collection of slow, old millionaires (many times over) had to – gasp! – book their own flights and hotels. You’ve lived a pretty charmed life so far, one that less than a half-percent of the whole country can identify with. The rest of us (yeah, that’s 99.5%) actually do book our own flights. The people behind USA Hockey are all volunteers, dickhead.

It’s another thing entirely that the team which was chosen to go to Torino was questionable from the start. It’s beyond me why they didn’t choose some fresher, younger skaters for the U.S. instead of guys like Chelios and Keith Tcksdklkfkfchuk, both of whom looked, well, old, on that larger sheet of ice. Most of the team looked old.

A hat tip goes out to Fort Miley out there in S.F. for posting that comment that included this great link. The referred web page is a series of hellaciously good and saucy quotes about yesterday’s subject – the making of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours.” Click it and read….those were the days, man.