Stephanie and I concluded last night that the last six months were the hardest six months of both of our lives. I probably don’t need to explain and I won’t. I also can’t claim with any degree of honesty that things are back to normal. Things will never be back to normal. We’re finding small pockets of time to try and reclaim our lives a little bit. Sleeping has stablized somewhat (yeah, there’s that one baby who keeps waking up at 5am, ready for the day), regular naps are starting to form and once in a while we can leave them alone to play for 10-15 minutes. These are all huge victories.

It does mean we’re finding time to cook again, which we both missed. As we find our way through the haze, we’ve decided it works best to each take 2 nights for cooking every week. In the past week, here’s what the menu has looked like:

  • black bean soup with cornbread and salad
  • chicken paprikash with noodles and veggies
  • flank steak stir fry with peapods and brown rice
  • maple glazed pork chops
  • chicken cordon bleu with veggies and brown rice
  • Do I expect that pace to continue? Hell no. But it was great to sort of feel “normal” again.

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