D’Angelo’s makes great subs. But let me deliver this bit of news to you: there’s really no need to ever get a meatball sub from there. Oh, they taste good, sure, but what a freakin mess. First of all, they put whole meatballs in the sub. Inevitably, one of the meatballs is going to fall out, casuing much frustration, as that’s the reason why you bought the sandwich. So if you get 6 meatballs in the sandwich and one falls, that’s 16.6% of your sandwich down the crapper. This didn’t happen to me, but it almost did. What they need to do is slice the meatballs into smaller slices, that way there’s way less chance of falling. Now, as I almost lost my meatball, along with that comes the issue of sauce. The chances of some sauce falling out of the sandwich and onto your pants or shirt is very, very high. Have a lot of napkins and make sure you position your body in a way that you or your clothes will not be affected by the falling sauce or – god forbid – the meatball. In my case today, I saved all the meatballs, but some sauce did end up on my file cabinet with some residual sauce on the floor. I’d prefer to not have a meatball sub again, however, until they are sliced.