I had an interesting exchange on Facebook with some old high school classmates last week. Over the last 1-2 months, the amount of people in my high school class (1989) who have signed up for Facebook appears to have exploded. There are people coming out of the woodwork! We’re closing in on our 20th reunion next year and I’m curious to see how that might unfold, given you can get up to date on nearly 1/3rd of the class via Facebook. 

Anyway, I had updated my Facebook status to say that I was amused at how many of the women that I was too shy to speak to back then had popped up on Facebook. I got a ton of responses, but the gist was basically that my assertion of shyness was ridiculous. Now, this is partially true – I would be the first to admit that if you knew me well enough, I was anything BUT shy. Alas, there was a whole set of people (ahem…women) that I was just too shy to talk to. Awkward, even. No idea why. I am sure it had something to do with confidence. It also seems that the women I wasn’t shy with were the ones I went to school with my whole life in Lancaster versus the other two towns, who we didn’t merge with in school until 9th grade (regional system). So I think you’d get a variety of very different answers if you asked people about me. Of course, most would simply say “who?”

Funny thing is that I never had a remotely serious girlfriend that went to my high school. There’s one person that I went on two dates with. That’s it. Seriously. The one girlfriend I did have in high school was from another school and I met her because she was bagging and I was ringing the cash register at our supermarket jobs, so I was forced to talk to her! 

So what’s with me? Multiple personalities? One of those people who you really have to get to know? Beats me. I was a wholly different person back then. Then again, it was half a lifetime ago now, so I would imagine we’ve all changed. I know a few who haven’t, though.