Huh. Flipping the lights on again in here – it’s been a while. Lots of dustballs and cobwebs….let me clean those out. Where was I? Well, two sick kids will quickly erase any blog ambition or hopes of having a few extra seconds, so much of my computer time went to twitter and facebook blips. Having sick kids is very bizarre. It is very much like you are in a time warp. You know how sometimes when you go on vacation you start to lose track of what day it is. That’s awesome. Not knowing or caring what day it is during a vacation is near-bliss. Having sick kids is like that, except there’s no awesome and there’s no bliss. And there is most certainly no vacationing. In fact, when they’re all better, work actually feels like vacation.

Now, onto blog stuff.

I’m in a phase right now where I really want to spend money. New cell phones, new sound system in the house, new computer, new car, new TV for the wall, new EVERYTHING. I almost pulled the trigger on Bruins season tickets for cripes sake. But I must say (with a very subtle, gentle pat on the back) that I am refraining. The Bruins thing was momentum from their “playoff run.” I held off. I’ve been eligible for a new phone for nearly seven months now, but I held off. My car, while boring, is now seven years old but only has 81,000 miles on it. I will hold off. The computer obviously still works. A new sound system is frivilous. A new TV, however, may be a necesscity as the kids are now able to reach buttons and we’re a little tweaked about them soon being able to pull it off the stand it’s on.

All in all, I am happy to report that my restraint has been terrific, if I may say so myself. I’ve learned a LOT about money management starting back in 1997 and I am happy to say that I am pretty conservative with it. It doesn’t mean I cheap-out on big-ticket stuff, it means that if I don’t really need it, I have the discipline to not get it. My wife is the same and that’s great – money has really never been a sore topic with us.

    Now, onto some must-see video.

    This first video is pretty interesting. It’s from a 1994 NBC news report with Tom Brokaw about “this new thing called “the internet.” Yes, it’s fifteen years old now, but it doesn’t feel like that long ago. You’ll definitely get a kick out of seeing some of the old screenshots and of course, Google’s Eric Schmidt (as a Sun employee) and Bill Gates, looking like a gangly young nerd. Which he was, of course.

    Now, this second video is pure genius. I have never heard of the “keyboard cat” meme until I saw this yesterday, but rest assured, I will now be going out to YouTube and finding every keyboard cat video I can. I mean, the combination of a coked-out Helen Hunt, a cat playing keyboards and Hall & Oates is just way too delicious to pass up.