I don’t know. I have to tell you, I really wish I could write here more. I truly do. I miss really taking the time to write, to really think something out and put it down. It’s funny – this week a friend of mine emailed to tell me that he still reads the blog and is happy that someone out there is still writing in the “long-form” online format, instead of doing what everyone else is doing, which is writing in 140 character blips (i.e., Facebook and Twitter). Here’s the problem – I’m updating Facebook and Twitter WAY  more than here. Because that is honestly all I have time for. I feel like the bad guy, abandoning a 10 year relationship, which is essentially what I have done.

It makes me a little sad. But how sad can I be? It’s life, man. Commuting has replaced blogging. So be it. There’s not much I can do about it, so I’ll continue to miss writing, but I’ll try to do it when I can. “When I can” tends to be Saturday nights at roughly 11 or midnight. Normally I’m in bed at this time every night, but Saturday’s I’ll draw it out a little and go old school. Spend a little time by myself. Try to find some new music or read a book, maybe write a post.

But it’s hard to come up with stuff when my life is so……….well…….I don’t know. Nothing interesting is happening. I should re-phrase that. I’m pretty sure that every day something interesting happens with my kids and life, but I’ve said it before and I will say it again – this blog is not about my kids. And it never will be. There’s plenty of mommy and daddy blogs out there if that’s what you’re looking for, so go find them.

Speaking of books, I’ve just finished Jean Edward Smith’s FDR biopic. Good golly. It was almost 900 pages. Now, I knew FDR’s presidency was transformative, but I never realized to what degree. The things this man accomplished in office were astounding. He didn’t do it without controversy, or without having some pretty low ratings in the public opinion polls, but my goodness, the list of things his administration accomplished are extraordinary. If you are at all a fan of history, this one is one of the best. A captivating, interesting read. A lot of the personal stuff (and there was a lot with FDR) was left out of the book, which I appreciated. You can’t write a fair bio without getting into it in some detail, but the book was largely focused on his professional accomplishments. What a read!

I’m still following this year’s version of the Bruins with great interest. I’ve been to probably 6 games and I think I’m 1-5. All of them have been close. I’d like to hope I’m not an albatross around the team’s neck when I am there. Because I plan to be at all the playoff games this spring. I do not think they will make the Cup finals, but I think they’re a possibility for a fairly deep run if they can make a meaningful move before the trading deadline.