Oh! For the first time in the history of this blog, I had an idea for a post based on a story I wanted to tell and I wrote the post, but forgot to include the story. That’s the sign of a guy with newborn twins!

So, consider this an addendum to my July 16 post about being afraid of bees. What prompted me to write about that? Well, I was mowing the lawn last weekend when I remembered a rather amusing story from last summer. In my yard, I have to duck behind a row of blueberry bushes to mow about three rows of grass between the bushes and our wood fence. So I pushed the mower behind there and got deep into it when I noticed a couple of bees start to fly out of the bushes. Now, remember, my episode as a kid was initiated in blueberry bushes, okay? Anyway, I see the bees and, as is standard practice with me, I totally freak out. I run backwards. With the mower running. Of course, in my panic, I stumble and fall, the mower goes off and I do a backwards somersault. A sight to behold, indeed. The first thing I thought was “where are those fucking bees?” and the second thing I thought was “thank god this happened here in a little alley where no one could see me.”

So there you go. Have a laugh at my expense.