Celebrity musings:

How sad is everyone that Penelope’s last name will never be Cruz-Cruise?

How much money would I have paid to witness this in person? Oh, a lot. A lot. My favorite is the quote that set him off. Hilarious.

Sammy Hagar is back with Van Halen, according to an interview with Hagar this morning on the Howard Stern show. Which begs the question: if a tree falls in the woods……..anyway, the Van Halen library is a true embarrassment after Roth left. Even when Roth was there, there was plenty of dreck to muddle through. Although just this morning I was humming “Drop Dead Legs” to myself and thought that might be an ok song after all. Oh my – that’s two straight postings that mention David Lee Roth. My heartfelt apologies to my reader(s).

Watching the news the other night, we couldn’t help but be sadly amused by the whole Bobby Brown thing. He’s up here in Boston in court for not paying child-support and spent a day or two in jail. It’s also clear he’s had his issues with hitting women, including his current wife. So we’re watching the news the other night and his lawyer, who is undoubtedly a first-class ass hole, said “The most important thing to Bobby is family.” What a joke.

Sloan is coming back to Boston!