That’s actually a line from a brilliant old Kinks song, but it applies nicely to yesterday’s announcement of baseball’s new steroid policy. The policy not only dishes out heavy punishment for use of anabolic steriods, but now also punishes (to a lesser degree) players who test positive for amphetamines. Now – get this – players will actually amass their statistics based on how hard they work, not how hard they work to hide the needle holes on their butts. While we saw some slight downward shifts in statistics this season, I can’t wait to see what happens next season, especially when we get into July or August and players aren’t able to fuel up on amphetamines!

Democrat, Republican, Oil companies…..what the hell does it matter these days? This morning’s article about secret White House meetings in 2001 between Cheney’s office and the heads of oil companies while the administration were shaping the recently passed energy bill made me laugh out loud. My favorite part:

Toward the end of the hearing, Lautenberg asked the five executives: ”Did your company or any representatives of your companies participate in Vice President Cheney’s energy task force in 2001?” When there was no immediate response, Lautenberg added: ”The meeting . . .”

”No,” said [Exxon chairman Lee] Raymond.

”No,” said Chevron chairman David J. O’Reilly.

”We did not, no,” said ConocoPhillips chairman James Mulva.

”To be honest, I don’t know,” said BP America chief executive Ross Pillari, who came to the job in August 2001. ”I wasn’t here then.”

”But your company was here,” Lautenberg replied.

”Yes,” Pillari said.

Shell Oil president John Hofmeister, who has held his job since earlier this year, answered last. ”Not to my knowledge,” he said.

Of course, they all participated. I love this! I mean, was there any doubt? It’s like a bunch of 12 year old kids who got caught throwing snowballs at a passing car!

Does anyone think it’s strange that virtually no people are truly clamoring for the Red Sox GM job? Does that say something about Lucchino? You bet it does. Something is awry in that organization and despite their trying to smooth it over, it doesn’t appear to be much of a secret to these eyes.