I, like roughly 70% of Americans, had had enough of the George Bush regime by the time his administration mopped the floors and shut off the lights. It could even be argued that I had had enough of the regime by 2003. While it’s quite likely we’ll never know the full extent of what really went on behind closed doors, you have to believe that the many backward steps we took as a country from 2000-2008 couldn’t possibly have been ALL his doing. Could it? Well, of course not. But much like a major league baseball teams, if the team is playing bad, the manager gets the flack.

There will inevitably be a flood of books coming out in the next year or two about the Bush presidency. I found out that Condi Rice is working on one when I saw her on the Tonight Show last week. One wonders if someone like Rumsfeld will do one. It’s already confirmed Bush will have one, of course. That one just might be a must read. Cheney – forget it. The guy is too evil to write a book, he’ll sit quietly for his remaining years and really believe that everything he did was right. Poor soul.  Even if he did write a book, I don’t think I could bring myself to pay for it and give him a royalty.

The one I just started, though, was written by Scott McLellan, who was the White House Press Secretary for roughly four years of the Bush presidency. The first few chapters hold some promise – so far he’s pulling no punches. He’s a Republican and he’s not playing party lines in this book, which I like. It remains to be seen how it’ll play out, though, as I’m only three chapters in.

One of those chapters is about McLellan’s work with Bush in Texas when Bush was governer. I know very little about Bush’s tenure as the Governer of Texas, but I do know that he made quite successful efforts in Texas to reach across the aisle on many occasions and the record shows he got some stuff done there. I would imagine in his endeavor to win the presidency, he planned on doing much of the same, which is a platform he ran on in 2000. Obviously the events of September 11 changed everything, but man, how did it all go so wrong when we had the world supporting us? I’m looking forward to finding out more. And yes, I will most certainly be considering the source.