Boston received it’s first real snowfall of the season over the last couple of days. While we only got around 4 inches, apparantly as much as 10 inches feel in the suburbs. My question is this: will they ever invent an automobile that when you open your door to get in the car, extraordinary amounts of snow don’t fall into the driver’s seat? It’s enough of a task to have to clean the car off and scrape the windshield, so why do I also have to clean off the driver’s side seat, dammit? I guess it’s either that or have a wet ass for a couple of hours. Either option sucks, frankly.

So I am driving back from the gym this morning and I see this guy walking down the street in the snowfall, and he’s got one of those little red wagons, you know the ones that 2 year old kids love to ride in? Yeah, one of those. Anyway, he’s walking along and inside the wagon is one of those cat carriers, the small tupperware-type box with the grate in the front and the little door that swings open. On the side it actually says “Pet Taxi” in big letters with a cartoon picture of a cat. So was this guy actually out for a morning stroll walking his cat in a cat carrier? In a child’s red wagon? Oh how I wish I had a digital camera to take a picture of that because I know it sounds like I am making it up. But I am not. Unreal. I love life.