Kent State Golden Flashes
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OK, so I hate basketball. I can’t watch four minutes of it, forget four quarters. I do have immense respect for most professional/college athletes and the work they put into “getting there,” but basketabll was just never a game I could get into.

The last time I watched a basketball game in its entirety was the 2002 NCAA tournament, when my alma mater, Kent State, actually made it to the Elite Eight (Thanks for the clarification, Matt)!! To go that far was actaully quite amazing – in fact, after graduation (1994) I remember specifcally thinking that I would never again witness a Kent State sporting event unless I was physically in Kent, Ohio, because they certainly would never be on the national stage.

Then 2002 happened! They ended up on quite a run and only a slow first quarter kept them from defeating Indiana and moving onto the final eight. This year they’re actually back in the tournament and from what I’ve read over the last day or so, they appear to be one of those teams that could sneak up on whomever they play. So I guess I’ll watch if I can, but it might be hard because I’ll be in London and Paris starting this Thursday.

Go Golden Flashes!

By the way, what in the hell is a Golden Flash? I could never figure that out even when I was there. The mascot is an eagle, but I can’t quite figure out how “Golden Flash” and an eagle are associated. Nonetheless, rock on, Golden Flashes. Their first round game is this Friday against the University of Pittsburgh.

Other notables:

  • I caught the Arctic Monkeys on Saturday Night Live this weekend – I’m not quite getting the hype.
  • What I am loving, though, is the Natalie Portman rap video from Saturday Night Live two weeks ago – classic!
  • I only hope that the Guinness Book of World Records people are here on April 9th to mark the instant when the most dorks per square mile are assembled.
  • I’m into Season Four on Six Feet Under now and I must say that the character of Arthur (the intern at the funeral home) is one of my favorite characters from a show which is brimming with great characters. Arthur is 100% creepy and played hellaciously great by Rainn Wilson, who is much better known these days as the hilarious Dwight Schrute on NBC’s “The Office.”

By the way, I still know nothing about what happens on Six Feet Under – I’m going right in order – so don’t spoil anything!