Bad Senior Year

I know I’ve mentioned before how embarrassingly bad most of the music from 1985-1990 was. So I looked up Billboard’s Top 30 songs of 1989 and here’s what the list looks like. If you can guess the four songs that I would actually listen to if they came on the radio, I’ll make you a copy of the album of your choice (if I have it). The bonus question: which of these songs might rank as my second most hated song of all time? Have fun playing.


5 thoughts on “Bad Senior Year”

  1. jeff, love the game! tough one though. the songs are awful. but here are my guesses.

    for sure= “patience” and “dr. feelgood”. that was the easy part!

    for #3 i’m going to try “smooth criminal” pretty good mj song.

    for #4, this one is tough but i’m going with “the end of innocence” although i could see this being the bonus answer.

    bonus answer: “funky cold medina”

  2. four listenable Jeff songs:

    Like A Prayer
    Dr. Feelgood
    Another Day in Paradise

    Second-most hated: Straight Up

    What’s first, by the way? “We Built This City”?

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