I recently upgraded my ITunes player to a newer version and after a couple of weeks, realized that I hadn’t been hearing certain music. It didn’t take long to put two and two together: for some odd reason, when the upgrade occured, it removed all artists from my library that started with the letters “Be.” The Beastie Boys, Beck, The Beatles, The Beau Brummels, Belle & Sebastian, Ben Folds Five, Ben Kweller, Beachwood Sparks…..all gone. Had to re-rip. Odd.

Which reminds me of a brief story that Frank Padellaro from King Radio told me back in the late 1990’s. Apparantly the Beau Brummels, a 1960s rock band, gave themselves that name because they thought it would be advantageous for them to be filed directly next to The Beatles in the record bins. With more people looking at Beatles records, there was more of a chance they’d look at the Beau Brummels record and maybe give it a shot. Clever! About a week later, it dawned on me that Frank might have named the band King Radio because he wanted to be filed next to The Kinks. While never confirming it, he certainly didn’t deny it!

Which begs the question: if you had a band of your own, which band would you want to be filed next to and what would it be called?