Almost every morning I eat cereal. Maybe once a week I’ll have waffles, but who cares. I have a real problem with Kellogg these days, or maybe it’s Shaw’s, the local supermarket. You see, they took Honey Crunch Corn Flakes off the damn shelves, and I feel as though I should induce rioting. They replaced them with Banana Corn Flakes or some such shit, and it is just wrong. If someone wants Banana in their cereal, they buy bananas. Screw that. Give me my Honey Crunch back.

That said, here are my top 4 cereals of late:

1. Grape Nuts O’s

2. All-Natural Granola

3. Honey Combs

4. Brown Sugar Total

Feel free to post yours, if you can figure out the stupid comments section. A word about the comments section: it should be thrown out and stomped on, much like the idea of Banana Corn Flakes. The comments section WILL be changing here when I have time to make the changes. For now, I’ve got too much going on – like my wedding. This Friday. Yeah.

I will be posting an Item Five interview this Friday, on my wedding day, but after that I will be gone until August 3 and believe me, there will be no computer in sight. Fear not, however. I will be bringing in a pinch-hitter-Robot to handle duties while I’m gone. He’s been here before and you all know him as Dave Klug. He’ll leave a light on for you.

Song now playing: Grant Lee Buffalo – “Testimony”